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8Herraf Productions



Genre: Short, Drama
Status: Completed
Year: 2010


Dr. Mansseur is a psychotherapist like any other. One day, he receives a late and unexpected visit from Nora, one of his patients who suffers from a maniac-depressive psychosis. She is completely distressed and insists on seeing the doctor even though her appointment is in one week. In spite of this, Dr. Mansseur accepts to see her. The consultation starts out normally, until the doctor unexpectedly loses consciousness, under the flabbergasted eyes of Nora. When he awakes, he finds himself tied up to his chair by Nora, in his own office, for no apparent reason. Convinced that Dr. Mansseur is hiding a terrible secret, Nora pushes him to his limits and does not hesitate to torture him in order to push him to expose his true self. Things take a strange turn quickly and lead to an explosion of violence. Once she obtains a confession from the doctor and enough evidence to back it, Nora leaves the office, leaving the doctor alone, naked and crying like a baby who had just been smacked. While Nora is outside the doctor’s building calling a taxi, the doctor throws himself out of the window and falls onto the sidewalk causing general panic. Nora gets into the taxi that moves away from the scene, and the voice of Dr. Manseur leads us towards the final scene where we realize that all that we saw was simply the illusion of revenge, which was actually all Nora needed to gain her revenge. Dr. Mansseur becomes a paraplegic, following the accident, and his face still carries the after-effects of the torture that Nora afflicted on him. Torture which bore its fruits and led Dr. Mansseur to found an association for anonymous sex offenders in order to help people who have sexual issues and who do not dare speak of them. In the last scene the doctor openly admits that he is a sex offender to his audience and pushes others in the room to do the same. The first step in solving a problem, is admitting that there is one.